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David Pfeiffer 

Years On Board From/To: 3

Division VA-56

Rate/Rank LTD

Cell#: 602 578 3440

Address: 9024 W. Charleston AVE

City: Peoria

State: AZ

Zipcode: 85382

My father flew A-4s with the VA-56. I was just stopping by to check out the Page. Thank You.

Ed "Razzoo" Rizzo 

Years On Board From/To: 1965/1968

Division 2nd

Rate/Rank BM3

Address: 12 N. Mars Dr

City: Sewell

State: NJ

Zipcode: 08080

Hey Page! Good to hear from you. I remember that after I got home, you had forwarded a letter to me and you put "page" on the flap.


James Page 

Years On Board From/To: 1966-1970

Division X

Rate/Rank PC3

Address: 3919 Monogram Ave

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zipcode: 90808

I spent the first two years in 2nd division. Like to hear from any one from 2nd div and X div. Worked in post office last two years.

Jerry Trocchio 

Years On Board From/To: May 59 Thru Feb 62

Division Photo Division

Rate/Rank PH3

Address: 8830 Hendricks nDr

City: Brighton

State: Michigan

Zipcode: 48116

A Great 3 yrs of my Life   2 west pac cruises  Would like to hear from anyone who was on board during my time

David A Johnson  

Years On Board From/To: 1

Division Family member

Rate/Rank E1

Home#: 8066209335

Address: 4909 11th st

City: Lubbock

State: TX

Zipcode: 79416

My father Donald F Johnson was stationed aboard the Ticonderoga. That was his last duty ship. He went ashore in 1971 and passed away in 1972. If anyone remembers him I would like to hear from you. He was a Chief Petty Officer if that helps.

John Horn 

Years On Board From/To: 1993 to 1996

Division X Division HR

Rate/Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Cell#: 3057727570

Address: 722 NW 36th Avenue

City: Cape Coral

State: FL

Zipcode: 33993

Hello fellow shipmates.  I served on the Tico from 1993 to 1996.  

Tom Eddy 

Years On Board From/To: 1965-1968

Division Operations/Air Ops

Rate/Rank AC-3

Cell#: 814-598-2168

Address: 75 Shoemaker Road

City: Penfield

State: PA

Zipcode: 15849

Hello again all you "Tico Tigers" 
Enjoyed surfing the site reading many of the posts from other shipmates, some I was stationed with and of course many from other times aboard the Great "Lady"
USS Ticonderoga CVA-14 one great warship.  I'm amazed at all the carriers named after presidents and big shots. . .people who know how to get us into war and have no clue how to get us out.  Oh how times have changed.  None the less we live in a great country and I've posted this before if I were to join the Navy again I'd serve aboard a carrier anytime. 
Go Navy

julian lupienski 

Years On Board From/To: n/a

Division n/a

Rate/Rank rm1 ret

Home#: 8604642984

Cell#: 8602870470

Address: 12 hillside dr

City: gales ferry

State: ct

Zipcode: 06335

did not serve aboard the tico di serve aboard the intrepid...reason for me writing obituary appeared local news paper the hartford ct courant a one carl h kozlowski age 92 paased away mar 1 2018 goes on to say served aboard during world war two as a seaman first class does not give can express sympathy to the family visit retired 1979 remember ur ship when stationed nas cubi point pi old essex carriers ......

Dave Naylor 

Years On Board From/To: 1965/1967

Division A

Rate/Rank EN2

Home#: 262-334-7532

Cell#: 262-707-3454

Address: 104 Meehan Cir.

City: West Bend

State: Wisconsin

Zipcode: 53095

Many fond memories of my shipmates.  Sleeping quarters in the Forward Emergency Diesel Compartment.  What a way to sleep when it was lite off.  Liberty in Japan.  Late night card games when sailing back to the USA.  Great memories.

William A Jordan 

Years On Board From/To: 1964-66

Division G

Rate/Rank E-3

Cell#: 502-314-3007

Address: 945 S. 5 Th St., Apt 607

City: Louisville

State: KY

Zipcode: 40203-3266

I was assigned to G Division and Flight Deck Blue Shirt Crew best Rate in the Navy E-3 with a Hash Mark !

Kevin Oyarzo 

Years On Board From/To: 1950s or 1960s

Division IC

Rate/Rank IC

Address: P.O. Box 405

City: Buckeystown

State: MD

Zipcode: 21717

My Father was Edwin Martin Oyarzo Jr. and served on the Ticonderoga in the 50s or 60s. I would sure love to know if anyone here knew him and could tell me about him. Pictures would be great. My father passed away in 1973


Danny Smith 

Years On Board From/To: 1966/1967

Division VA-52

Rate/Rank AMS-3

Cell#: 903-815-2307

Address: 3824 Melrose Trail

City: Sherman

State: Texas

Zipcode: 75090

Did two cruises on the "TerribleTi" to Tonkin Gulf, Vietnam withVA-52, beginning in 1966 and ending in 1967. Worked on the flight deck as Plane Captain on our A-1 Skyraiders. I was at Sturgis, S.D. Motorcycle rally this past summer and met a green shirt who was on the flight deck near me during night operations when a hung bomb broke loose from a landing Skyraider, and came bouncing down the flight deck, scaring the hell out of us. And to the gentleman in the previous post in VF-191, I remember that squadron...... Hud'n Hud'n!

Harold Petty 

Years On Board From/To: 1968

Division Squadron VF-191

Rate/Rank AMS2

Cell#: 919-817-2851

Address: 2817 Kimmon Way

City: Wake Forest

State: North Carolina

Zipcode: 27587

I was on the TICO when the North Koreans captured the USS Pueblo. We steamed full speed all night to get up to North Korea. It was really cold in the sea of Japan.

Phil "Rosey" Rosenberg 

Years On Board From/To: 1945-1946

Division 4th

Rate/Rank GM 3

Home#: 224-735-2248

Address: 708 N. Elmhurst Rd.

City: Prospect Heights

State: Illinois

Zipcode: 60070

Is anyone still around from the 3rd. or 4th division (20 mm)?

Robert Alfred Larson 

Years On Board From/To: 1981-1884

Division Engineering Auxiliary AE04

Rate/Rank EN2

Cell#: 320-406-9848

Address: 3300 4th Avenue, Cottage 2

City: Anoka

State: MN

Zipcode: 55303-1161

Plankowner CG-47
I am curious if my diagrams, of the chilled water system, were used on future boats? I submitted hundreds of SNAPS II Warrantee Guarantee Reports for the Rico and used for the Yorktown... Hope they served you all well. Salute!

AGC Robert H. Davis USN Ret. 

Years On Board From/To: 1966-1967

Division OA

Rate/Rank AG3

Address: 752 Orleans Dr.

City: Corpus Christi

State: TX

Zipcode: 78418

Although I did not know him personally, one of my most significant memories of that cruise was of the day that we lost LCDR Estocin during the last combat day (26 April 1967) of our last line period of the entire cruise. Not that all KIA/MIA pilots don't deserve recognition, to be honored and remembered, but his loss coming on the last combat day of that cruise...heavy. If there's any consolation, he was awarded the MOH for his actions on that day and on 20 April. God bless, God speed and honor to all lost and missing.

Stanley Stewart 

Years On Board From/To: 57-58

Division Fire Squadron 91

Rate/Rank Airman apprentice

Home#: 361-230-3659

Cell#: 361-230-3659

Address: 2502 Monkey Road

City: Rockport

State: TX

Zipcode: 78382

I was 20 years old when I was there

Jim Browning 

Years On Board From/To: 1967 - 1969

Division AMD

Rate/Rank AZ3

Cell#: 6014663309

Address: 24 Maple Ridge St.

City: Hattiesburg

State: Ms

Zipcode: 39402

I have always been proud to have been a part of the Tico.  I reenlisted on board in the Tonkin Gulf.  I was 21 years old.

Jammie Fletcher 

Years On Board From/To: -

Division -

Rate/Rank -

Cell#: 2695329270

Address: 1439 Jefferson Ave

City: Kalamazoo

State: Michigan

Zipcode: 49006

My grandfather, Roger Morse, was on this ship. I recently came upon this information. He lived in Indiana, but was stationed in Virginia. I remember his stories when I was younger. He taught me my first words (my mother was NOT HAPPY). He passed away April 11, 1998 of a massive heart attack. I was 6 months pregnant with my first child. My children never got the chance to meet him. My heart still breaks every day. I’m hoping someone here will remember him. I’d like to know more about his time in the Navy.

Thank you.

Joseph A Partlow 

Years On Board From/To: 3 91/94

Division OI

Rate/Rank OS2

Cell#: 6144964332

Address: 10783 Standish Place

City: Noblesville

State: IN

Zipcode: 46060

Best people I ever had the pleasure of being around, was on the Tico. I try to stay in touch with who I can, for all those I was on Facebook with I'm not on there anymore, go to Instagram. I still consider them my brothers for the rest of my life always will, unless they try to take my dog!
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