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USS Ticonderoga Veterans Association

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Danny Smith 

Years On Board From/To: 1966/1967

Division VA-52

Rate/Rank AMS-3

Cell#: 903-815-2307

Address: 3824 Melrose Trail

City: Sherman

State: Texas

Zipcode: 75090

Did two cruises on the "TerribleTi" to Tonkin Gulf, Vietnam withVA-52, beginning in 1966 and ending in 1967. Worked on the flight deck as Plane Captain on our A-1 Skyraiders. I was at Sturgis, S.D. Motorcycle rally this past summer and met a green shirt who was on the flight deck near me during night operations when a hung bomb broke loose from a landing Skyraider, and came bouncing down the flight deck, scaring the hell out of us. And to the gentleman in the previous post in VF-191, I remember that squadron...... Hud'n Hud'n!

Harold Petty 

Years On Board From/To: 1968

Division Squadron VF-191

Rate/Rank AMS2

Cell#: 919-817-2851

Address: 2817 Kimmon Way

City: Wake Forest

State: North Carolina

Zipcode: 27587

I was on the TICO when the North Koreans captured the USS Pueblo. We steamed full speed all night to get up to North Korea. It was really cold in the sea of Japan.

Phil "Rosey" Rosenberg 

Years On Board From/To: 1945-1946

Division 4th

Rate/Rank GM 3

Home#: 224-735-2248

Address: 708 N. Elmhurst Rd.

City: Prospect Heights

State: Illinois

Zipcode: 60070

Is anyone still around from the 3rd. or 4th division (20 mm)?

Robert Alfred Larson 

Years On Board From/To: 1981-1884

Division Engineering Auxiliary AE04

Rate/Rank EN2

Cell#: 320-406-9848

Address: 3300 4th Avenue, Cottage 2

City: Anoka

State: MN

Zipcode: 55303-1161

Plankowner CG-47
I am curious if my diagrams, of the chilled water system, were used on future boats? I submitted hundreds of SNAPS II Warrantee Guarantee Reports for the Rico and used for the Yorktown... Hope they served you all well. Salute!

AGC Robert H. Davis USN Ret. 

Years On Board From/To: 1966-1967

Division OA

Rate/Rank AG3

Address: 752 Orleans Dr.

City: Corpus Christi

State: TX

Zipcode: 78418

Although I did not know him personally, one of my most significant memories of that cruise was of the day that we lost LCDR Estocin during the last combat day (26 April 1967) of our last line period of the entire cruise. Not that all KIA/MIA pilots don't deserve recognition, to be honored and remembered, but his loss coming on the last combat day of that cruise...heavy. If there's any consolation, he was awarded the MOH for his actions on that day and on 20 April. God bless, God speed and honor to all lost and missing.

Stanley Stewart 

Years On Board From/To: 57-58

Division Fire Squadron 91

Rate/Rank Airman apprentice

Home#: 361-230-3659

Cell#: 361-230-3659

Address: 2502 Monkey Road

City: Rockport

State: TX

Zipcode: 78382

I was 20 years old when I was there

Jim Browning 

Years On Board From/To: 1967 - 1969

Division AMD

Rate/Rank AZ3

Cell#: 6014663309

Address: 24 Maple Ridge St.

City: Hattiesburg

State: Ms

Zipcode: 39402

I have always been proud to have been a part of the Tico.  I reenlisted on board in the Tonkin Gulf.  I was 21 years old.

Jammie Fletcher 

Years On Board From/To: -

Division -

Rate/Rank -

Cell#: 2695329270

Address: 1439 Jefferson Ave

City: Kalamazoo

State: Michigan

Zipcode: 49006

My grandfather, Roger Morse, was on this ship. I recently came upon this information. He lived in Indiana, but was stationed in Virginia. I remember his stories when I was younger. He taught me my first words (my mother was NOT HAPPY). He passed away April 11, 1998 of a massive heart attack. I was 6 months pregnant with my first child. My children never got the chance to meet him. My heart still breaks every day. I’m hoping someone here will remember him. I’d like to know more about his time in the Navy.

Thank you.

Joseph A Partlow 

Years On Board From/To: 3 91/94

Division OI

Rate/Rank OS2

Cell#: 6144964332

Address: 10783 Standish Place

City: Noblesville

State: IN

Zipcode: 46060

Best people I ever had the pleasure of being around, was on the Tico. I try to stay in touch with who I can, for all those I was on Facebook with I'm not on there anymore, go to Instagram. I still consider them my brothers for the rest of my life always will, unless they try to take my dog!

George Lee McKnight 

Years On Board From/To: 1965 To 1967

Division R

Rate/Rank SFM3

Home#: 585-225-0264

Cell#: 585-7484921

Address: PO Box 26644

City: Greece

State: NY

Zipcode: 14626

The TICO was my first duty station after boot-camp. It was quite an experience coming from South Carolina to California. It didn't take long to have a new family of brothers on board the TICO. My best friend was the boxing champ on board the TICO, his name was Wilbur Adams. I will never forget when we had the family members on board the ship for a cruise, quite an experience. I was assigned to the Repair division's welding and sheet metal shop and the one job I remember most was to reconstruct the Chapel. Little did I know then that I would become a Pastor later in life. After leaving the Navy I continued to work as a Weldor until I retired.

Ed (Razzoo) Rizzo 

Years On Board From/To: 1965-1968

Division 2nd

Rate/Rank BM3

Home#: N/A

Cell#: 609-870-7944

Address: 12 N. Mars Dr.

City: Sewell

State: NJ

Zipcode: 08080

Take a look at the USS Ticonderoga Facebook page. You can get answers over there. Good page.


Years On Board From/To: 1969-1970

Division G division...and 5 th division

Rate/Rank E-3

Home#: 609-262-9120

Cell#: 268-246-7909

Address: 25 eastonway

City: Hainesport

State: Nj

Zipcode: 08036

Looking for shipmates who served under Lieutenant Simpson

Dennis T Wokoun 

Years On Board From/To: May 64/Jun65

Division VF-53

Rate/Rank PN3/2

Home#: 228 475 3841

Address: 3318 Rver Road

City: Moss Point

State: Mississippi

Zipcode: 39563

Was onboard during USS MADOXX/USS TURNER JOY activities.  VF-53 lost LT T.B. Fallon on a cold Cat Shot as Tico sailed past.  Ejection seat failure?  First experience watching a fellow shipmate and division office buried at sea. 

We also lost our CS1 (?) during flight ops and the COD was parked in the Heavy's spot.  He walked into the prop and instantly killed.  His shipmate was unaware of this and found him in the Mess Deck chill box!  Sad.

Later in life VF-53 held a reunion in Las Vegas where I reunited with shipmates and PN2 Herald Dolin, Mr Used Car!  Not long after Herald passed away.

I met my division Chief, PNC Goo during one of my forays to Hawaii on Uncle's dime.  He too has passed.

Fond memories of sleeping on forward cat's where it was a bit cooler during the uptempo ops.  Was expertly indoctrinated to Yokosuka by the squadron GM's and marveled at the tempo and pace of war.

Dennis T Wokoun 

Years On Board From/To: Jun 64 - Jun 65

Division X

Rate/Rank PN3/2

Home#: 228 475 3841

Address: 3318 River Road

City: Moss Point

State: Mississippi

Zipcode: 39563

. . .

Dennis Segar 

Years On Board From/To: 1968--1972

Division E-Div

Rate/Rank IC-2

Home#: 507-388-7616

Address: 116 West 8th. Street

City: Mankato

State: Minnesota

Zipcode: 56001

Lost a Good IC Man.
Steven Norris IC3 
3 Westpac's
He was a friend when I needed a friend.

Wade Wallen 

Years On Board From/To: N/A

Division N/A

Rate/Rank N/A

Cell#: 214-477-3287

Address: 5630 Brookhill Ln

City: Frisco

State: Texas

Zipcode: 75034


A big “Thank You” to all who served.  My father was Don Wallen (d. 1992), and he served from 1962 to 1968.  He was part of VF-53 during the Gulf of Tonkin incident.  I don’t know anything about his time in the navy and would like to talk with anybody who knew him.  Best Regards, Wade Wallen (214-477-3287).

Paul J. Albright Jr. 

Years On Board From/To: 11/1962 to 11/63

Division G and !st

Rate/Rank LTJG

Home#: 805 646 5482

Address: 3375 Matilija Cyn Rd.

City: Ojai

State: CA

Zipcode: 93023

Do you recall the Aft Stb gun mount misfire that happened some time in March or April of our Far east Cruise of 1963
As 1st Division JO at the time, I was the safety Officer at the check sight. The gun was smoothly tracking the target, Boatswain Mate PO3 H.S. Horace, the mount Captain Loaded and at the last second the the gun lurched off and the round fired into the water about 2 or 300 yd or so off our stb beam. My helmet with sound suppressor was nocked off in the lurch. 
 I suffer progresing hearing loss as a result and need some verification of the event for the VA.
Thanks    Email

michael joseph manross 

Years On Board From/To: 01/02 71-12/05/71

Division M

Rate/Rank E-3

Cell#: 716-378-3502

Address: 940 north 4th st.

City: olean

State: new york

Zipcode: 14760

looking for  proof  of the  USS Ticonderoga ((CVS-14) being  in  Blue Water Vietnam  in 1971

Bob Pulrang 

Years On Board From/To: Oct.1966 to June 1969

Division V4

Rate/Rank E3

Home#: 6128690239

Cell#: 9526498950

Address: 6609 Columbus av.s.

City: Mel's.

State: Mm.

Zipcode: 55423

Love to hear from any of you guys.Hope your all doing well hope to hear from you.Call,leave a message if I don't answer.

Paul D. Wagovich 

Years On Board From/To: 1970-1972

Division IM-2

Rate/Rank AMS-3

Address: 2369 Ambrato Way

City: Covington

State: KY

Zipcode: 41017

Working in the Airframes department lead me to a career in welding. I will never forget the Apollo 16 mission!
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