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USS Ticonderoga Veterans Association

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105 Entries
George Passantino 

Years On Board From/To: 1967-1970

Division V-4

Rate/Rank ABF-3

Cell#: 303-884-7565

Address: 9608 Tomahawk Trail

City: Fort Worth

State: TX

Zipcode: 76244

Mr. Leech. We Ticonderoga Veterans honor the service of your father-in-law Robert Eugene Lewis. We are saddened by his passing on 8/29/97 and we will list him in our obituary notification in our quarterly newsletter. We will also list his passing on our veteran roster on our Ticonderoga Facebook page. I do have your father-in-law's name being listed on a ships roster that I have dating back to 9/24/44 showing him coming aboard as an ART2c. His service will not be forgotten. Sincerely, George Passantino - V-4 Div - 1967-1970.

William H Leech Jr (Bill) 

Years On Board From/To: Did not serve

Division N/A

Rate/Rank N/A

Home#: 770-487-2821

Cell#: N/A

Address: 121 Magnolia Dr

City: Tyrone

State: GA

Zipcode: 30290

My Father-in-Law,Robert Eugene Lewis,served on board CV-14 1944-1945.He was AETM1,V-4 Division--CIC--Radar.He helped fight the below-deck first Kamikaze fire,January 1945.

I wanted to check and see if he was listed on any of your rosters for veterans.

He passed August 29,1997.Age 72. He left us a leather-bound Ticonderoga "Year Book" from the war. Included were the "Big-T" newsletters and a USS Ticonderoga "Personal Information Handbook" from DURING the war,the latter amazing in its blunt talk.

What does it take to make sure he is listed somewhere in the Association...and NOT forgotten by surviving shipmates?

Thank you for your time.

   Bill Leech


Gene Scott 

Years On Board From/To: na

Division na

Rate/Rank na

Address: na

City: Indianapolis

State: IN

Zipcode: na

Thank For your service

Mike Jett/beebop 

Years On Board From/To: 1970/73

Division 1st

Rate/Rank BM3

Cell#: 707-245-5124

Address: 6134 solstice

City: yuma

State: az

Zipcode: 85365

Great ship very proud to have served on her

Darren Pepoy 

Years On Board From/To: 1989 - 1993

Division R

Rate/Rank DC2

Cell#: 562-824=3568

Address: po box 3344

City: Rancho Cucamonga

State: ca

Zipcode: 91729

had a great time great crew  and officers met a lot of great people.

Don Abramovitz  

Years On Board From/To: 60/63

Division E

Rate/Rank EM2

Cell#: 314-954-3413

Address: 12129 DePaul Hills Dr

City: Bridgeton

State: MO

Zipcode: 63044

Worked Power and Light Shop, 2 West Pac Cruises on board during Cuban Crisis. Mostly Good Memories!!

Ken MCClendon 

Years On Board From/To: Dec 61-Jan 65

Division OE

Rate/Rank ETN-3

Cell#: 262 894 8657

Address: 1961 17th Avenue

City: Grafton

State: WI

Zipcode: 53024

  I attended the TICO reunion in Las Vegas and had a very nice time. I plan to be in Tampa next year. Granted, I did not meet anyone that I'd known on board, but I met a lot of sailors with whom I had much in common. Our organizers put a lot of time and effort into the reunions and I'm grateful for their commitments. Thank you!
Ken (Mac) McClendon 


Years On Board From/To: SEPT 68 TO OCT 69


Rate/Rank E4



State: PA

Zipcode: 16214

was a proud tico tiger

Thomas Cook 

Years On Board From/To: 1961-1964

Division G

Rate/Rank AO2

Address: 307 S. Smith Ave. #77

City: Corona

State: Ca.

Zipcode: 92882

Just been cruising the internet remembering the time aboard, and Tico's history on you tube and the like, very interesting stuff.
Would love to exchange emails with any shipmates or other former
crew members.

Dennis SaBell 

Years On Board From/To: 66-70

Division V-4

Rate/Rank ABF3

Address: 3930 Quay Street

City: Wheat Ridge

State: CO

Zipcode: 80033

Forwarded from Joe D

re: Hartney. If you look in the "Links" section at the top of the page, click on it and at the bottom is a link to cruisebooks. Go to the Tico & the years you want and you may be able to get some information about your brother, maybe your dad too. It'll take some digging; another site to look into is Ancestry dotcom, they have a navy military section with lots of info. Good luck.

Jean Hartney 

Years On Board From/To: 1944-

Division Hospital

Rate/Rank PhM1c

Address: 8 Cannon Court

City: Boothwyn

State: PA

Zipcode: 19061

My Father, Joseph C Hartney served beginning Aug, 1944
My brother, Joseph C Hartney Jr. Also served on the Ticonderoga during the Vietnam War era, but not certain of his rank or dates on this carrier. He graduated from the Navy cryptography school in Pensacola, FL in the mid-sixties but not sure of his dates or his rank.

I once saw a photo of Dad in an Operating room ( I believe he serves as an OR technician), but I haven't seen this photo in years, nor am I sure this photo was taken on Ticonderoga.

Any advice you can offer about mwould be most appreciated!

Best Regards, and Thank You ALL for your service to our country

Adelaide Hartney 

Years On Board From/To: Not known

Division Nor known

Rate/Rank Nor known

Address: 4202 Fox Pointe ct

City: Glen Mills

State: Pa

Zipcode: 19342

Please let me know if you served with my father Joseph C Hartney on the Tico pre 1951

Adelaide Hartney 

Years On Board From/To: Not known

Division Not known

Rate/Rank Not known

Address: 4202 Fox Pointe Ct

City: Glen mills

State: Pa

Zipcode: 19342

My father Joseph Hartney served on the Ticondaroga however he and my mom are both deceased and I have little to no information. I was born in 1951 and his service was before that. This is all I'm sure of. Any help would be appreciated

Al Lyon 

Years On Board From/To: 1961 - 1962

Division OP

Rate/Rank YN3

Home#: 336 775 1399

Address: 378 Payne Road

City: Lexington


Zipcode: 27295

Worked in Air Intelligence and the Operations Office. Great two years. Served with many great guys. Would love to hear from anyone. Not many left.

Huey H. Sullivan 

Years On Board From/To: 4/65-8/69

Division Operations Dept.

Rate/Rank LT

Home#: 703.280.1559

Address: 3910 Millcreek Drive

City: Annandale

State: VA

Zipcode: 22003

Would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew me then.

Roger Arntz 

Years On Board From/To: 70-71

Division S6

Rate/Rank AK2

Address: 149 Redman St

City: Harbor Beach

State: Michigan

Zipcode: 48441

1st and only west pac previous service east coast with VA-44 and Europe at NAF Naples Italy.

Michael Trotter 

Years On Board From/To: 1986-1989

Division MP

Rate/Rank GSMC

Address: 230 Camino Cortina

City: Camarillo

State: CA

Zipcode: 93010

Was an honor to serve on the CG-47. Great crew. Also I will be joining Big T Veterans Association.

Sherwin Greenberg 

Years On Board From/To: 1967/1969

Division S-6

Rate/Rank AK3

Home#: 224 532 1245

Cell#: 801 719 9312

Address: 229 Thomas Lane Apt 318

City: Fox Lake

State: Illinois

Zipcode: 60020

I was Ships Company from August 22 1967 to August 19 1969.I had great times visiting Olongapo,Singapore,Hong Kong,Yokosuka,
Sasebo,Nagasaki,Hawaii,Grande Island.I remember crossing the equator April 9 1968 and being initiated thous becoming a Shellback!!!.I also recall the typhoon we went through in 1968 on are way to Japan it was the first time I almost became sea sick!I also recall the USS Pueblo being captured and the Tico was ordered into the Yellow Sea and we almost went to war over that incident.Then there was the EC121 Spy Plane Incident in which 21 men were killed after being shot down by the North Koreans another near war action.

I made 2 West-Pac Cruises 1968-1969 into the beloved Gulf Of Tonkin {Yankee Station}I remember when the Tico was on line for 47 consecutive days because the Bohnhome Richard's catapult went down and we had to cover for them.I believe up until then that was the record for being on the line the longest for a carrier.The heat,Humidity carrying black boxes through the hangar deck unloading bombs,Supplies,bomb fins etc.At the time It was rough but now when I look back on the time it was a great time and memory!!

Ernie St Pierre 

Years On Board From/To: 1971/1973

Division B

Rate/Rank BT/E5

Address: Sunset Ave

City: Derry

State: NH

Zipcode: 03038

Just attended the 45th Reunion in Las Vegas for the Tico it was our first one and I have to say it was out of this world! Being in the same room with so many that served on the same ship was very special and I hope to be able to attend many more before I transfer to the Fleet above. If you can make it please come along to Tampa you will not regret it!

Ronald Chang 

Years On Board From/To: 12/1968-1*10/1969

Division Legal

Rate/Rank E3

Home#: 925-768-9082

Address: PO Box 902

City: Clayton

State: CA

Zipcode: 94517

Seeking VA compensation info for Legal Yeoman Robert Farhat family.  Presently suffering from Parkinson related disease in the Blue Water category.

Specifically interested in ship location during deployment, if onshore water was taken aboard, or it shipmates ever set foot in Vietnam, and water processing information  I am a concerned associate and not a paid attorney.

Any help or information could greatly assist his family in their time of need.  Thank you.

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